Men Midas Tie Scarf Set Navy
Men Midas Tie Scarf Set Navy


Men Midas Tie Scarf Set Navy

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 Exclusive Midas Scarf and knitted Tie Set  

Midas Set derives its name from the legendary  King Midas, who acquired the ability to turn all that he touched to gold even his food.

King Midas perhaps the most famous figure from Phrygia's long history is Midas, the king who reputedly could turn anything he wished into gold.

Composition: %45 super-kid mohair/ %55 polyamide

Personalization Option: We may personalise your scarf by applying initials (name and/or surname) on your scarf/shawl with needlework.  Please note that there is no refund option if you  choose to apply initials:) Learn More.