Men Angora Scarf Navy
Men Angora Scarf Navy
Men Angora Scarf Navy


Men Angora Scarf Navy

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Angora Scarf derives its name from the homeland of mohair which is Angora

Today's Ankara historically known as Ancyra and Angora   is the capital of Turkey. Located in the central part of AnatoliaTurkey's  second largest city  after İstanbul

Angora is homeland of not only Angora Goat from which mohair is driven, but also  the homeland of Angora Cat and Rabbit which are all have white and perfect hairs..

It is actually the climate of Ankara which makes the hair of those animals so warm and magnificent...

Composition: %45 super-kid mohair/ %55 polyamide

Personalization Option: We may personalise your scarf by applying initials (name and/or surname) on your scarf/shawl with needlework.  Please note that there is no refund option if you  choose to apply initials:) Learn More.