Men Phrygia  Scarf Black
Men Phrygia  Scarf Black
Men Phrygia  Scarf Black


Men Phrygia Scarf Black

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Phryrgia Scarf  Black inspiring from the Phrygian civilization and culture..

Phrygia was the name of an ancient Anatolian kingdom (12th-7th century BCE) and, following its demise, the term was then applied to the general geographical area it once covered in the western plateau of Anatolia, Asia Minor. With its capital at Gordion and a culture which curiously mixed Anatolian, Greek and Near Eastern elements, one of the kingdom's most famous figures is the legendary King Midas, who acquired the ability to turn all that he touched to gold even his food.

King Midas perhaps the most famous figure from Phrygia's long history is Midas, the king who reputedly could turn anything he wished into gold.