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Discover Anatolian Treasurses with Mohair Angora

Hittite Scarf inspired by famaous Hittite Sun Disk.

The Hittite Sun Disk or Hittite Sun Course is an ancient Anatolian symbol dating back to the 20th century BC.

Composition: %45 super-kid mohair/ %55 polyamide

 Personalization Option: All Collections can be personalizable like apply initials (name and/or surname) on the scarf/shawl. We take care your gift and we prepare the products carefully. You can look at Mohair&Angora Gifting for further information.

Fine Art of Gifting: Each and every product is sent within a special Mohair&Angora Gift Box, with a special card telling the story of mohair.. If you will gift the product, please note it so that we take out the pricing label. Furthermore, If you would like to send a gift note, we will be pleased to add a small handwritten gift card on behalf of you, as well.

HITTITE SUN WOMEN SHAWL İndirimli fiyatTL3,599.00 TRY