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This elegant Lydia Etol Shawl derives its name from Lydians...

Lydia was an Iron Age Kingdom of Anatolia ( Asia Minor) located generally east of ancient  Ionia in the modern western Turkish provinces of Uşak, Manisa and inland İzmir.. The language of its population, known as Lydian, was a member of the Anatolian branch of the Indo-European Language Family. Its capital was Sardis..

Composition: %45 super-kid mohair/ %55 polyamide

Personalization Option: We may personalise your scarf by applying initials (name and/or surname) on your scarf/shawl with needlework.  Please note that there is no refund option if you  choose to apply initials:) Learn More.

Fine Art of Gifting: Each and every product is sent within a special Mohair&Angora Gift Box, with a special card telling the story of mohair.. If you will gift the product, please note it so that we take out the pricing label. Furthermore, If you would like to send a gift note, we will be pleased to add a small handwritten gift card on behalf of you, as well.

LYDIA STOLE BLACK Sale priceTL4,499.00 TRY