Angora Scarf Ecru-Taupe


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''Treasues of Anatolia''

Angora Scarf is perfect for both woman and man

It derives its name from the homeland of mohair which is Angora, today's Ankara.

Today's Ankara historically known as Ancyra and Angora is the capital of Turkey. Located in the central part of Anatolia, Turkey's capitals.

Angora is the homeland of not only Angora Goat from which mohair is driven, but also the homeland of Angora Cat and Rabbit which all have white and perfect hair.

It is actually the climate of Ankara that makes the hair of those animals so warm and magnificent...

Composition: %45 super-kid mohair/ %55 polyamide

Personalization Option: We may personalize your scarf by applying initials (name and/or surname) on your scarf/shawl with needlework.  Please note that there is no refund option if you choose to apply initials: Learn More.


Fine Art of Gifting: Each and every product is sent within a special Mohair&Angora Gift Box, with a special card telling the story of mohair.. If you will gift the product, please note it so that we take out the pricing label. Furthermore, If you would like to send a gift note, we will be pleased to add a small handwritten gift card on behalf of you, as well.
Magic of Mohair:
For centuries mohair has been known as the "diamond fiber" for its lustre, warmth and strength. It used to be the prized rezerve of sultans, that is why it is regarded as "sultans of all fibers"..
Luxurious Gift Collection of exclusively designed accessories made of “super-kid mohair” from its origins, homeland.  Mohair is a silky fiber from the hair of “Angora Goat” deriving its name from the ancient Turkish province of “Angora” where it originally comes from. It has been known as the “diamond fibre” for its lustre, warmth, strength and durability. It used to be the private reserve of Sultan’s.. By blending these incredible characteristics of mohair with contemporary Turkish Design,  Mohair&Angora Collection is a perfect gift from Turkey reflecting the heritage of centuries...

Preserve the beauty of your product by storing it flat and untied. Avoid chemicals, and entrust it to a professional dry cleaner when needed.


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